The Bodybuilding Meal Plan


 By: Alex Cameron


The most important part of your routine is to eat properly!


Protien Diet

You hear it time and time again. Its harder to get your diet right, than it is to turn up to the gym and pump out a 2 hour weight session. I know this because ive been in your shoes. It wasnt until I turned the advice into action that I actually put on weight and size.

The most common diet error, is that people assume to get massive, you've got to eat tons of protein and little else.

Be wary of this advice!

What you ideally want to do, is balance the protein intake at times of the day when your metabolism is ready to injest the protein. Ideally, you want to 'wake' your body into readines by taking on morning foods that stimulate the muscle and dijestive system.


See Tom Venuto, industry Heavy Hitter and my own 'God' of training


For breakfast, a great idea is to take in complex carbos, and fibre. Porridge, wholegrain toast and olive oil spreads are ideal. Fruits provide vitamens and fibre is incredible for digestive health, and ensuring the stomach is ready for the protien blast you will unleash on it later in the day.

A protein shake first thing is fine, but save the harder to digest protiens for later in the day, such as chickens or beef/steak.

Around 10am, your body will be ready for another hit. Now is when something like brown rice and brocolli or perhaps a tub of cottage cheese (250g) is perfect. For those with a sweeter tooth, a low fat low sugar yoghurt is a good option, with some banana and wholemeal bread.

The next time to eat is about midday, for lunch. Aim for something that combines fibre (such as grains) with protein. I like a chicken sandwhich, or a tuna sandwhich with wholemeal brown bread. Alternativly, try a chicken breast or perhaps sausages (low fat).

At 3pm, you should now be having a tub of cottage cheese (250g) if you havent had one already today. I also sometimes enjoy a small portion of high iron vegetables to keep the energy up, like steamed spinich or silverbeet, or boiled brocolli florets.

If I am training at 4-5pm, I will have another protein shake before the gym, perhaps around half an hour before I go. Dont make it to heavy because you dont want cramps. 2 sccops of whey and 250ml of milk is plenty.

After your training session is when you should have the mother size shake, with 3-4 scoops of whey, 400ml of milk, eggs and bannana. This is the important shake, and rest up well afterwards, in preparation for tea around 7-8pm.

Tea should be decent proteins, like a steak, chicken breast or fish fillets of around 300g. Have this with fresh veges like potatoes or carrots and beans, and a bit of steamed brown rice.

Mix and match this plan! Work out a good mix of quality foods, and mingle them in day to day.

Lets Summarise this into a daily meal plan, as an example.

FACTS: This bodybuilding diet will yeild you around 2500 calories, around half carbs, 40% protien and the last 10% as fats.

Its a great starting point and gives you an idea of the foods to eat:

Mix and Match!!














  • 4:00pm:
  • 3 Cups boiled spinich
  • 2 Serves chicken breast
  • 1/2 Cup Rootveges
  • 1 CupSliced Carrots
  • Balsamic Vinegar With Seasoning on veges




  • 7:30pm:
  • 5 Eggs
  • 1 Slice  Bacon(shoulder or middle cut)
  • 1oz Cottage Cheese
  • 2 Serves of fruit (orange or pear)


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All the best with your BodyBuilding diet and training,

Alex Cameron.